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Over recent years there has been a trend moving toward installing many virtual servers on a single physical server. This has a significant impact on the level at which hardware is utilised, and consequently results in a significant reduction in the amount of space required, as well as an increase in the energy density of computer systems (especially when combined with blade server technology).

Cumulus recognised that, in Australia and New Zealand, there is currently a shortage of specifically qualified and experienced organisations that can undertake the conversion of existing systems to virtualised systems or alternatively build virtualised systems from scratch. Together with an immature support model from the companies that supply virtualisation systems, Cumulus identified the real opportunity to capture a significant share in this emerging market.

As a result, Cumulus has established a Virtualisation consultancy. Cumulus staff include consultants with extensive experience in Europe who provide mentoring to our locally qualified VMWare (VCP) consultants.

For more information on Cumulus' Virtualisation solutions, please contact us on the numbers supplied below.

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